Powered Paragliding in
Orlando, Florida!

Guide yourself on your personalized tour of the Florida countryside. Watch the sunrise or sunset over Orlando with only a propeller behind you. With Powered Paragliding, you get a little more amped up verson of the typical paragliding ride. Strap a small engine and propeller on your back (called a paramotor) for a solo takeoff in this exciting new form of paragliding.

Call 1-888-519-5529 and Try Powered Paragliding in Orlando Today!

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Launch without Wind on Level Ground!
Powered Paragliding in Orlando is the Ultimate Ultralight Experience!

Orlando Powered ParaglidingUnlike traditional Paragliders, a Powered Paraglider can launch from level ground with just a few steps, climbing and gliding as you please. Once you learn how to fly you don't need wind! Even as a beginner in Florida you can fly in calm conditions with up to 15 mph winds with simple training and equipment.

If you've ever had the desire to fly on your own then this is one of the most affordable and feasible solutions for most people in Orlando. The American Paragliding Network has more PPG pilots in Florida than anyone else so make sure you fly with the best!

Call our Orlando Powered Paragliding Experts at 1-888-519-5529 and get started now!

Powered Paragliding is the Sport of the 21st Century!

Orlando Powered ParaglidingThe great thing about Powered Paragliding is that it allows you to own an aircraft that doesn't require a special pilot license. The excitement of Powered Paragliding can be enjoyed even on calm days and the Paragliders can be launched from a wider variety of areas. PPG Enthusiasts in Orlando enjoy the freedom to fly low and slow safely, the open feel of the harness, low equipment and maintenance costs and portability that cannot be matched by any other form of powered flight.

Learn in no time at all! Paragliding in Orlando will match you with a PPG instructor that can get you ready to master the sport in as little as four weeks. Get familiar with handling the Powered Paraglider either on small hills or on tandem flights and learn the basics of the sport in short ground courses. We have Orlando Paramotoring Experts that can answer all of your questions and get you matched up with the perfect training program for you. Most of the PPG schools in the American Paragliding Network even have equipment that you can rent for your training!

Call Our Orlando Paragliding Experts at 1-888-519-5529 and take flight today!

Paragliding in Orlando is a network of professional affiliates who are part of the American Paragliding Network.
Regulations may prohibit paragliding in the city proper. Local paragliding affiliates are conveniently located near Orlando, Florida.
"Paragliding in Orlando" is a popular search term for paragliding in the greater Orlando area and is not intended as a guarantee of location.